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HOLLYWOOD - 10/31/2008

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By Pete Hurrey has grown exponentially in recent months by breaking the kidnapping and bank robbery story and by being one of the only sources for news during the recent Leonardtown School lockdown. Because of this immense growth, the company has restructured and moved to a new location.

With the restructuring of the company comes new leadership and a renewed dedication to news reporting that is unparalleled in the Southern Maryland community.

Effective immediately, TBN is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Norris as its new President.

Chris was born and raised in Leonardtown, where he excelled in the world of business. Chris boasts a keen knowledge of solid business practices and demonstrates sound leadership and managerial skills.

As a youth, Chris’ family owned Thrift Oil Company, giving him a hunger for business. Chris began his career in marketing and advertising after graduating from Salisbury University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Following graduation, he spent a few years in marketing and advertising. Chris next ventured into retail and learned under the intense tutelage of Walter Blair of W.R. Blair’s and Doug Moran of Doug’s Hobby Shop.

After learning the retail ropes, Chris founded Blue Skies Inc., which had several retail companies under its umbrella. Later, with the boom in the economy, he decided that the service industry was the next venture to demand his attention. He founded The Maid to Order cleaning service and spent the next 12 years growing the company until he sold it in 2005.

That year, Chris became a mortgage officer with the Fitzgerald Financial Group, but longed to be involved with the local community and to work with a company that was in the early stages of its development. For this reason, TBN and Chris are a perfect fit.

Former TBN president, Joshua Davis, continues to lead the fortunes of Bay Media Services, Inc., the parent company and owner of The Bay Net.

TBN is now recognized as one of Southern Maryland’s leading sources for breaking news in real time. TBN's  mission is to deliver, “News Now, Not Next Week.”

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