UPDATE 11:40 p.m: National and State Office Election Results

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UPDATE 11:40 p.m: National and State Office Election Results

MARYLAND - 11/2/2010

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Track all the State and National Office Election Results here. Throughout the evening until all the votes are counted, TheBAYNET.com and Baynet Radio will be updating results constantly. Results herein will be UNOFFICIAL. A number of races have registered write-in candidates. Write-in votes will only be tracked for races where the write-in candidates are showing a competitive number of votes.

Maryland Governor 78% Reporting

Gov./Lt. Gov Candidate Party Votes
Martin O'Malley/Anthony G. Brown Democrat 718384
Robert L. Ehrlich/Mary Kane Republican 564003
Susan J. Gaztanaga/Doug McNeil Libertarian
Maria Allwine/Ken Eidel Green
Eric Delano Knowles/Michael Hargadon Constitution

Maryland Comptroller 74% Reporting

Candidate Party Votes
Peter Franchot Democrat  704271
William Henry Campbell Republican  484294

U.S. Senator 76% Reporting

Candidate Party Votes
Barbara A. Mikulski Democrat 759305
Eric Wargotz Republican 460671
Kenniss Henry Green
Richard Shavver Constitution

U.S. Congress District 5 75% Reporting

Candidate Party Votes
Steny H. Hoyer Democrat  99745
Charles Lollar Republican  62238
H. Gavin Shickle Libertarian

State Senator District 29 100% Reporting

Candidate Party Votes
Roy Dyson Democrat  21084
Stephen M. Waugh Republican  20024

 State Senator District 27 95% Reporting

Candidate Party Votes
Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Democrat  28588
Vernon R. Hayes Republican 10925

House of Delegates District 27A 

Candidate Party Votes
James E. Proctor, Jr. Democrat  16796
Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. Democrat  15068
Mike Hethmon Republican  4357
Antoinette "Toni" Jarboe-Duley Republican  4096

House of Delegates District 27B

Candidate Party Votes
Sue Kullen Democrat 6930
Mark Fisher Republican 7793

House of Delegates District 29A

Candidate Party Votes
John F. Wood, Jr. Democrat 6957
Matt Morgan Republican 6793

House of Delegates District 29B

Candidate Party Votes
John Bohanan Democrat  7244
Erik Anderson Republican  6633

House of Delegates District 29C

Candidate Party Votes
Chris Davies Democrat 5264
Tony O'Donnell Republican 7531
Shawn P. Quinn Libertarian 457

Ballot Questions

Question For Against
Constitutional Convention Question - Sense of Voters  208342  172062
Constitutional Amendment - Trial by Jury  251251  129118
Constitutional Amendment - Qualifications for Balt. Orphans' Court Judges  311767  63060

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