Head-on in Queen Tree

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Head-on in Queen Tree

Oakville, MD - 1/19/2012

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By Ryan DeGruy

At 9:01AM. on Thursday, January 19, 2012, rescue crews were dispatched to the 41000 block of Queen Arbor Court in Oakville for the personal injury accident. Rescue crews arrived on scene to find two vehicles in a head-on collision with all occupants out of the vehicles. Crews went to work assessing the patients to find one, who had gotten in another vehicle, that wanted to be transported. As crews went to work preparing the patient for transport, the rest of the crews worked to clear the debris from the road way. The patient was transported to the local emergency department and the last fire/EMS unit cleared the scene at 9:32AM.

Responding Units:

St. Mary’s - 

Mechanicsville VFD Co. 2 - Chief 2B and Squad 2

Mechanicsville VRS Co. 29 - Ambulance 298

Hollywood VRS Co. 79 - Ambulance 798

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