Herding Crabs on Medleys Neck

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Herding Crabs on Medleys Neck

LEONARDTOWN - 10/9/2008

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Medleys Neck Road was closed Wednesday just south of Whirlwind Road in Leonardtown for an overturned truck. One person was taken to St. Mary's Hospital with minor injuries. Another victim was uninjured and signed a release.

At approximately 12:45 p.m. on Oct. 8, a truck owned by R. Lumpkin Seafood was transporting a load of live crabs to area restaurants, left the highway and overturned. The truck lay on its side in the same approximate location as the school bus accident last month.

The accident created a situation whereby live crustaceans were scattered across the asphalt and into the surrounding woods. The owner of the crab company sent two trucks to gather the scurrying, snapping, not-so-happy crabs, most of which were recovered and transported while still fresh.

Heavy towing equipment was brought in to right the toppled truck causing the road to remain closed until the scene was cleared.

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