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Mike Zabko

America is a special place, where someone you may not know will give you their blood, save you from drowning or provide you with shelter.  In 1943, President Roosevelt recognized the American Red Cross as a true reflection of that humanitarian, volunteer spirit and proclaimed March as Red Cross Month, a tradition that has been honored by every president since.  The Southern Maryland Chapter of the American Red Cross has dedicated this month to recognizing some of the countless people who make the lifesaving work of the Red Cross possible in Southern Maryland.

Although hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes make the headlines, the day-to-day work of the Red Cross is centered on communities like ours and done by volunteers. This year, our neighbors volunteered thousands of hours through the Red Cross. In honor of their service to our community, we commend them. Many of them remain silent about their service to the community not looking for notoriety but just wanting to help.

None of this would be possible without the generous help of donors and supporters. We commend them for providing the monetary resources to be able to complete our mission.

Through the American Red Cross, there is a place families can turn to for food, shelter, and comfort, when fires and other emergencies strike.  This year, we want to thank the volunteer fire departments and EMS squads as our partners in helping families in emergencies. 

As Director of our local Red Cross, I believe we can take great pride in what we’ve done together. Thanks to your support of the Red Cross, there was a place where thousands of our neighbors could go to learn first aid and CPR, and even how to save lives with automatic external defibrillators (AEDs). This year, the Red Cross was also the place where hundreds of families separated by military service, were able to stay connected and exchange messages about family emergencies. Thousands of our neighbors chose their Red Cross as the place to give blood, the gift of life.

Much has changed since that first Red Cross Month in 1943.  But one thing has not.  Southern Maryland is still a place where neighbors help neighbors, and your support of our Red Cross is a true reflection of that spirit.


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