Great Oyster Debate

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Great Oyster Debate

SOLOMONS - 9/28/2008

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The Calvert Marine Museum presents The Great Oyster Debate at the annual State of the River Summit on Friday, Oct.10, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Debate the major initiatives being discussed to restore oysters to the Chesapeake Bay with scientists, watermen, public policy makers, elected officials, aquaculturists, environmental activists, and interested citizens. Highlighted in both the Oyster Advisory Commission’s work and the Environmental Impact Statement being prepared for the Army Corps of Engineers, these include the potential use of native and/or non-native oysters, a moratorium on public lands, commercial aquaculture, and large scale restoration. The summit will open with remarks from Congressman Steny Hoyer. Serving as moderator is Dr. Jack Greer, Director of the Environmental Finance Center at the University System of Maryland. Dr. Michael Paolisso, University of Maryland cultural anthropologist, will present the cultural importance of the oyster. The scientific perspective will be presented by George Abbe from Morgan State Estuarine Research Laboratory. Debate participants include Tom O’Connell, Director of the Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Services, Edwin “Smitty” Smith representing watermen, and George Abbe speaking from the scientist perspective. Former Senator Bernie Fowler will close the Summit with a Call to Action.

Following the debate, there will be ample time for audience participation and an opportunity to talk with representatives of local grass roots organizations working to restore oysters in our local waters. Join us for what promises to be an informative and lively debate on the challenges confronting this cultural, ecological, and economic symbol of the Chesapeake Bay.  

Admission is free in the Calvert Marine Museum Auditorium.

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