Take Advantage of Maryland State Financial Aid Assistance

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Take Advantage of Maryland State Financial Aid Assistance

MARYLAND - 1/20/2009

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Even in times of economic hardship, the Maryland Higher Education Commission offers a variety of funding opportunities for current and future college and university students. Financial aid options include merit-based and need-based scholarships, grants, loans, and even work-study programs. 

The State of Maryland offers about $110 million in higher education assistance annually to over 58,000 eligible recipients. Schools include Maryland's 13 public four-year institutions, community colleges, independent institutions, and private career schools. MHEC works diligently to pull together funds from several resources, including colleges and universities, federal and State agencies, civic organizations such as churches and associations, and corporations. 

For individuals seeking assistance, MHEC offers “Money for College” events around the State, which provide information about available funding options. To find the event near you, go to  www.mhec.state.md.us/higherEd/about/Meetings/EventCalendar.asp

For more detailed information about MHEC's state assistance programs and to find out how to apply for assistance, go to www.mhec.state.md.us/financialAid/descriptions.asp or call 1-800-974-0203 for additional inquiries.

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