UPDATE: Horse Out of Hot Water, Cow Boiling Mad

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UPDATE: Horse Out of Hot Water, Cow Boiling Mad

LEXINGTON PARK - 9/22/2009

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UPDATE: Los Primos Grocery Store was inspected on Monday, Sept. 21 by the St. Mary's County Health Department.

The Environmental Sanitarian Manager, Vic Krasnotowsky, met with the owner of the store who proceeded to produce recent receipts for two cow heads from a licensed wholesale food vendor in Washington, D.C. 

The store's owner told the inspector that the store offers cow head soup on the menu and that what emergency responders found boiling on the stove in the back of the store was indeed a cow head and not a horse head as first reported.

No charges were filed and no other actions were required in the opinion of SMCHD.

 At approximately 10:15 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 17, fire units from Pax River and Bay District responded the Los Primos grocery store at 21703 Great Mills Road in Lexington Park for a reported fire alarm. When units arrived on the scene, they discovered a horse's head boiling in an untended pot on the stove in back of the facility.

When asked about the skeletal remains simmering on the stove, staff on the scene stated to authorities that tacos were being made. After a search of the premises, no other parts of a horse could be found, only the boiling horse head skull.

TheBAYNET.com contacted St. Mary’s Health Department and were told that horse is not an approved food in Maryland.

An investigation continues.

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