Meet the Candidate: Rick Campbell for Charles County Commissioner, Dist. 2

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Meet the Candidate: Rick Campbell for Charles County Commissioner, Dist. 2

CHARLES COUNTY - 4/29/2010

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Candidate for Charles County Commissioner for District 2, Rick Campbell has a vision for Charles County – A United Charles County. In a recent interview with Baynet Radio and, Campbell stated that the vision is basically that the county government has to listen and respect the will of its citizens.

“We feel we are left out of the process,” said Campbell. “They [County Commissioners] do what they are legally required to do – hold hearings, televise meetings and hearings, hold work sessions with staff and public forums, but the feeling is that after all that, they do what they want.”

Campbell went on to state, “Charles County deserves leaders who will listen and communicate with them. Who will respect them and their comments and are open to ideas and willing to discuss matters openly and transparently without personal agendas.”

Campbell feels that a transparent government working toward the same goals; for the perseverance of the environment, better paying and more skilled jobs is what is needed most in Charles County.

“We need local leaders working toward less development and [toward] stopping more development outside of development zones.”

The candidate also feels very strongly about the need for safer and better quality schools that are not overcrowded and that attract the best qualified teachers.

“Our current Commissioners have allowed schools, rivers, roads and communities to deteriorate while only looking to build more and more with promises to treat our future better, but have failed miserably,” said Campbell.

“We must first evaluate our current conditions and repair what is broken, damaged and polluted. Ignoring what we already have and not maintaining it is highly irresponsible and can be irreplaceable,” he continued.

He feels that people should look at the track record of the current Commissioners and evaluate their past performance to be better able to understand how much they can believe about their claims of success, integrity and honesty.

“They would rather rezone and build more than reinvest and reestablish our current priorities,” said Campbell. “In all we must ensure that we can afford whatever plans we put forth and can maintain the county we already have and cherish. Only then with a sound budget, solid working relationship and partnership of all bodies communicating openly and honestly can Charles County move forward; together.”

Campbell served for ten years in the U.S. Army, culminating with his assignment with the ‘Old Guard,’ Third U.S. Infantry, Escort to the President, at Fort Myers, Va. After serving in the military, Campbell worked for the U.S. Customs Service until being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when he retired.
The native Bostonian moved to the Charles County in 1990 where he met his wife Beverly. The couple has two children ages 12 and 17 and has been active in many local causes including the Charles County Transportation Task Force, The Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and more.

For more information about Campbell, his campaign philosophy and vision, visit his Web site, The candidate also encourages people to contact him directly, either via email at or on the phone at (540) 538-1965.

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