Meet the Candidate: Ralph Jaffe for Governor

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Meet the Candidate: Ralph Jaffe for Governor

BALTIMORE - 6/10/2010

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Democratic candidate for Governor, Ralph Jaffe gave a phone interview recently with to explain his unique campaign position and higher ethical approach to politics.

Jaffe stated, “I am a political science teacher. When I first started teaching in 1964 I told my students that Maryland was one of the most corrupt states in the Union.”

The candidate stated that he feels the same in 2010. “This is why I am now a candidate for Governor in the September 2010 Democratic primary. I want to put a stop to the corruption in Maryland’s politics and replace it with ethics.

Jaffe has a unique approach to campaigning. He and his running mate, his sister Freda, refuse to accept any campaign contributions of any kind. “I feel that campaign contributions are nothing short of disguised bribes.”

Jaffe explained that if someone donates $4000 to a politician, there is always an agenda behind that donation.

The educator has a five-point program that he would like to see all politicians adopt in order to eliminate corruption from Maryland politics. The first as stated above is to accept no campaign contributions. The second point in his plan is to have no dealings with paid professional lobbyists.
“Professional lobbyists do a lot of harm to the community,” said Jaffe. "They corrupt the politicians and they corrupt themselves.  What's more, they cause the members of the interest groups they represent to shirk their responsibilities for staying informed and up to date about the issues that affect their community."

“Voting is important, but it not the most important thing in participatory democracy. Every citizen needs to actively participate in the decision-making process bethat affects the community.  Therefore, the voters need to consistently talk to their elected officials and let them know their feelings and views on the issues."
The third part of his plan  is to have all candidates commit to serving only one term.  This commitment will demonstrate to the people that the candidate is not in this for power, fame, or money, but rather he/she want to do what is right for the people - to be a good public servant. 

The fourth part of his plan and simple: “Tell the truth – not some of the time, all of the time.”

Finally, Jaffe, if elected, will not accept any salary or perks of any kind. “The Governor makes $150,000 a year and the Lt. Governor makes $125,000. We intend to set aside that money for the community," said Jaffe.
He intends to create a separate account and use the money that was to be his salary and that of his running mate’s to hire three to six additional either police officers, firefighters, or teachers. 
In his professional life, Jaffe and his sister teach at a school they have created that essentially teaches students how government should serve the people.
To learn more about Jaffe and his candidacy, email him at Jaffe also will answer his phone and answer any question citizens may have. To speak with him directly, call (410) 764-2409 or (410) 602-1811.

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