Meet the Candidate: Bob Buehler for Charles County Commissioner

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Meet the Candidate: Bob Buehler for Charles County Commissioner

CHARLES COUNTY - 6/29/2010

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Candidate Bob Buehler, running for Charles County Commissioner in the Second District stopped by and Baynet Radio to present his thoughts about the upcoming election and why he chose to run for office.

The candidate said that he felt it was time to run because he has watched the way Charles County is being run and that, in his opinion, the current commissioners need to focus on those without a voice. Buehler, a minister by trade, stated, “We need to correct the way our government works. Government needS to be an open process where communication and information is available to all citizens.”

Buehler stated that only 5 percent of the work of the commissioners is to attend meetings and to make decisions. Ninety percent of the job should be meeting with the citizens and listening to their needs and problems to discover what areas need attention,” said Buehler.

When asked why he decided to run for this election, Buehler said, “I know I can do the job and I will represent all  the people, not just those in the cities, but those who feel that they have been neglected – those that live in rural areas.”

Buehler feels that the commissioners first responsibility is to behave and act with integrity and responsiveness and to make a commitment to openness so that everyone has a voice in how the county is governed.

“Commissioners need to have a view of the larger, long-term picture rather than react to short term situations,” said Buehler. He stated that if elected, he plans to put into practice a system of checks and balances where the citizens can get involved in the governing process.

One issue in particular is important to Buehler and those living in the second district – the disposition of the Health Clinic in Nanjimoy. The candidate feels that to ignore a large area of people by closing the facility is short-sighted at the very least. “We were able to secure funding to keep the clinic open last year, but we need to keep this valuable resource open so a large segment of rural Charles County can continue to receive relatively convenient medical care.”

The candidate stated that the clinic run by Greater Baden Health Services will close unless something is done. “We have talked to area hospitals, but to date there is no solution,” said Buehler.

Another issue important to Buehler is Charles County Schools. “We have some of the best schools with the best teachers and need to ensure that this continues to be the case.”

The candidate also pointed out a number of other issues such as transportation. For more information on Buehler’s campaign and issues, visit The candidate also welcomes email inquiries at and invites anyone that wishes to talk with him directly to join him on July 10 at Penny Estates in Marbury.

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