Meet the Candidate: Brendan Madigan for State Comptroller

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Meet the Candidate: Brendan Madigan for State Comptroller


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During a recent visit to and Baynet Radio, Maryland’s youngest ever candidate for state office, Brendan Madigan discussed his reasons for running for Comptroller of Maryland against Peter Franchot.

“Let’s face reality: Maryland has a lot of problems. As Comptroller, I will work across party lines to move Maryland forward.,” said the 18-year-old high school student. He indicated that he intends to be a staunch advocate for his generation of voters. “Previous generations have over-burdened the younger generations with a fiscal situation that needs to be corrected.”

Madigan explained that he has been active in politics for quite some time, beginning with his efforts on the Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. After that campaign, Madigan founded and served as the Executive Editor of the conservative blog, ‘GOP Resurgence.’

“I have been active voice in opposing speed cameras at both the State and [Baltimore] County levels. I am an active member of the tea party movement, and look forward to continuing to work with other Marylanders to effect change at the local, state, and national levels,” said Madigan

The candidate, surprisingly knowledgeable for his age, identified a three-point approach to correcting some of the problems with Maryland’s current system. “We need to increase Government Transparency,” said the candidate. “As Comptroller, I will use the authority vested in me by the Maryland Constitution to build an easy-to-use website to show where your tax dollars are going. Currently, much of this information is scattered across multiple websites, and, in some cases, is totally unavailable.”

He next stated that in order to stimulate growth and the economy of Marylanders he would work to decrease the tax burden on hard-working citizens. “According to the Tax Foundation, Maryland has the fourth highest local/state tax burden in the nation. This number is far too high. I will pressure the Governor and state legislature to cut taxes on individuals and small businesses in order to allow Maryland to emerge from the economic recession as a national leader.”

Madigan also thinks that for years Maryland’s state leaders have been selling out citizens. “Too many of our state leaders in both parties are pushing bad economic policies on the state in an effort to win favor with national politicians.”

He indicated that he would fight to stand up and expose state leaders taking part in this practice. “We do not need Washington D.C. having any influence over Maryland.”

The candidate encourages citizens to contact him and to ask him any questions they may have in regards to his position on the issues, or to simply get to know him better. Citizens that wish to talk to him directly can email him at, visit his Web site, or call him at (410) 615-8900.

“I look forward to talking to Marylanders in the coming months, and finding out what ideas they have for helping Maryland once again rise to economic prominence,” said Madigan.

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