Meet the Candidate: William D. Johnson, Judge of the Orphans Ct., Charles County

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Meet the Candidate: William D. Johnson, Judge of the Orphans Ct., Charles County

CHARLES COUNTY - 8/16/2010

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Democrat and Candidate for Charles County Judge of the Orphans Court, William D. Johnson stopped by Baynet Radio and to discuss his campaign and the issues facing the next slate of Judges. In the 2010 election, there are a total of seven candidates running for three positions.

When asked why he decided to run, Johnson said, "None of the people running for this office are members of the bar, it is not required by the state. However, I am the only qualified paralegal who understands how to objectively look at the law and apply that in making a reasoned decision.”

Johnson went on to state that he believes that when an estate is being adjudicated, a Judge who ran because they have an extensive knowledge on the background of the county is not necessarily qualified to render a legal decision based upon the law. Johnson spent 20 years in the US Air Force before retiring as a master sergeant for the Judge Advocate Generals Corps.

“After I retired from the Air Force, I took a civilian position as a paralegal with the Department of the Army. I learned about the Judge of the Orphans Court position when I was working for the Army and decided at that time when I finally left Federal service I would run for the office.”

The candidate stated that "while investigating tort claims for the Department of the Army, I learned about the nuts and bolts of Maryland probate law and about the Orphan's Court.  My mother passed away in May of this year, and that gave me some firsthand experience at how trying it can be to attend to a loved one's final affairs.  I want to make that process as painless as possible for those who come before the Orphan's Court."

Johnson feels strongly that no matter who is elected people need to make sure they check their wills to ensure it is adequate to take care of the family the way they want. "If they don’t have a will, they really need to get that done. It makes the entire disposition of the estate so much less troublesome,” said Johnson.

Johnson was born in St. Mary’s County and before he retired from the Air Force he was transferred back to the area and has been here ever since, currently residing in Charles County.

He feels that he is needed in the position. “I want to be in a position to help people and make sure their estates are adjudicated right the first time. If an Orphan’s Court’s ruling is overturned by the overturned by the Circuit Court, families experience more frustration and the additional expense that brings,” said Johnson.

The candidate understands that many people are not aware of the role of the Orphan’s Court and welcomes voters questions and thoughts via email. To contact Johnson, email

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