Obama Backs O'Malley, Md. Dems in Bowie

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Obama Backs O'Malley, Md. Dems in Bowie

BOWIE - 10/10/2010

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By Carrie Griffin Munn

Thousands of Maryland democrats made their way to the Bowie State University campus Thursday, Oct. 7 for a rally featuring United States President Barack Obama and Governor Martin O'Malley among other democratic leaders. College students, democratic supporters and citizens seeking information as the General election fast approaches came out by the droves to hear the message.

After Patrick Lundy and the Ministers of Music performed a gospel rendition of "God Bless America" and BSU's Student President led the "Pledge of Allegiance", democratic dignitaries spoke.

Md.Senate President Mike Miller gave the crowd, "three reasons why to support Gov. O'Malley....education, education, education," and said, "We're not going to stand for the tea party in Md."

Md. House Speaker Michael Busch championed the state's position as "number one state in the union in K through Twelve education," and Comptroller Peter Franchot commented on speaking to Southern Marylanders who had lost their jobs,are facing losing their homes, who ask 'Where is our great country going?' He said supporting Obama and O'Malley means electing someone "on our side."

Congressman John Sarbanes quoted Truman, then said, "To the fear mongers: we're not afraid," and mentioned the 25 percent increase in Pell grants resulting from democrats' efforts. Congressmen Elijah Cummings, Chris Van Hollen and Congresswoman Donna Edwards along with U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin and Attorney General Doug Gansler all showed their support of O'Malley, Mikulski and President Obama.

Congressman and House Majority Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer continued to fire up the crowd. He said, "When President Obama took office, the people were talking about the chance of a second Great Depression after a decade of Republican faliure that got us there. We've been working every day since then to pull us out of that deep ditch into which they have driven that national car."

Hoyer said, "Obama is leading the way out of that ditch, with democrats investing in roads, bridges, green energy... 98 percent of all Americans got a tax cut, we got access to healthcare for many people and made the biggest investment ever in higher education."

Senator Barbara Mikulski said she was proud to work hand-in-hand with both Obama and O'Malley adding, "What I want you to know is the message you hear today is the message [Obama] speaks every single day. It's the message you want to hear and we need to do something about it: Hope, opportunity and change!"

Of Gov. O'Malley, Mikulski said she'd known him for more than tewenty years and with him "it always comes down to the people, it's always about you."

Bright green O'Malley-Brown signs started flying when the Governor took the podium. O'Malley called Mikulski, "the hardest working woman in the United States Senate," and thanked Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who hails from Prince George's County and is, "the highest ranking official in our country to have served a tour of duty in Iraq."

He said, "Obama has given us the very decisive leadership that we needed at a critically important time. The last fellas took eight years to drive our economy into a ditch and now they wonder why any mortal human being can't make us drive straight again in eighteen months."

O'Malley said Md. had competed in Obama's 'race to the top' and won, and, working together, democrats had extended healthcare coverage to 203,000 Marylanders who didn't have it before, drove down violent crime rates and celebrated the best year in state job creation since 2000 this year. The crowd joined in shouting O'Malley's campaign message "Forward not back!"

The crowd roared when President Obama took the stage. He showed his support for the Md. democrats saying, "So Martin has been a great governor for a great state -- which is why I hope you are fired up in these last few weeks. I hope you’re ready to fight for Martin so he can keep fighting for you.  Because there’s an election coming up that’s going to say a lot about the future -- your future, but also the future of this country."

At a shout from the crowd, "We love you, Obama!" the President, who later referred to himself as an African-American with a funny name, earnestly smiled and said, "I love you back...but I want to talk about this election right now."

The president drove home the automobile metaphor running through the democrats' message by saying, "So, Maryland, it comes down to this: A lot of folks running in the other party, these are the exact same people who spent the last decade driving this economy into a ditch. And so, for the last 20 months, me and Martin and Steny and Barbara and all these folks, we have gotten down into the ditch, put on our boots. We’re down there. It’s hot. We were sweating. Bugs everywhere. We’re down there pushing, pushing, pushing on the car. Every once in a while we’d look up and see the Republicans standing there. They’re just standing there fanning themselves -- sipping on a Slurpee. And we’d say, “Come on down and help.” They’d say, “No, that’s all right.” They say, “You’re not pushing the right way.  You got to push faster.” 

"And we just kept on pushing and pushing. And finally we got this car up on level ground. Finally we got it up on level ground. Now, this car is a little beat up now because they drove it into the ditch. It’s got some dents, needs a tune-up.  But it’s pointing in the right direction. We want to start back on that road to prosperity, but suddenly we feel this tap on our shoulder -- we look back, who is it? It’s the Republicans.  And they say, “We want the keys back.”  And we got to tell them, you can’t have the keys back because you don’t know how to drive." 

"If we’ve got the courage to keep moving forward, even in the face of difficulty, even in the face of uncertainty, I guarantee if all of you are out there knocking on doors and making phone calls, and voting for Martin O’Malley and Barbara Mikulski and the rest of the Democratic ticket, then we are not just going to win this election, but we are going to make sure that the American Dream is alive and well for future generations."

Several attendees at the event fainted and required medical attention. One man distracted the crowd from the pro-democrat message shouting, "You're a liar," as Obama spoke, and was quickly reproached by the crowd and security.

Read the Presidents full speech here and keep an eye out for more rallies, forums and opportunities to become an informed voter.

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