Public Notice: Sewage Overflow

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Public Notice: Sewage Overflow


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 In accordance with guidelines established by the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Charles County Department of Public Works—Utilities, and the Charles County Health Department, report that an accidental sewage overflow occurred at a force main near Thomas Stone High School on the southbound side of Leonardtown Road (Business Route 5) in Waldorf. 

According to the Department of Public Works, an underground force main pipe ruptured resulting in an overflow near the high school.  The overflow discharged raw sewage in excess of 10,000 gallons into a storm drain near Thomas Stone High School. The exact amount of the overflow is not immediately known and will require further investigation.  

The Department of Public Works was alerted to the overflow as a result of a telephone call from an employee of the Charles County Public School System at approximately 1 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15. 

An advisory has been posted in the affected area of Thomas Stone High School and the adjacent stream along St. Charles Parkway to alert the public to temporarily avoid contact with the area and the stream channel. The advisory will be in effect for seven days or until otherwise notified by the Charles County Health Department.

For more information, please call the Charles County Department of Public Works—Utilities at (301) 609-7400, or the Charles County Health Department at (301) 609-6759.

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