Statement From The Husband Of Commissioner Jones

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Statement From The Husband Of Commissioner Jones


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The following is a statement from Brian Jones, the husband of Commisioner Cindy Jones:

On April 6th St. Mary's Commissioner Cindy Jones was taken by ambulance to St. Mary's Hospital.  Cindy was checking over the animals in the barn on their property and fainted.  Cindy's son, age 14, who has been diagnosed with ADHD, called 911 after finding his mom collapsed on the floor.  Cindy was alert and talkative when medics arrived and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital. Cindy was diagnosed with exhaustion and is recovering nicely.

Husband, Brian Jones, a test lead at Patuxent River Naval Air Station said that "we are all very proud of our son for calling 911.  He did the right thing.  In addition, both Cindy and I are aware of the reports in the paper erroneously reporting that Cindy attempted to commit suicide.  At no time has Cindy in the past nor did Cindy attempt now to commit suicide."

"Over the past two months, Cindy has been working 24/7 as a Commissioner.  She has been staying up late, working on weekends, spending hours on email.  The economic realities facing our County do not present obvious or easy solutions and Cindy has been working very hard to produce long term economically sound solutions that both preserve needed services and protect the citizens of our County. Unfortunately, in doing so, she has been under considerable stress and has had to endure relentless personal attacks from special interest groups that just want the County to simply raise taxes."

"These pressures and a history of migraines combined to produce an unhealthy environment for Cindy and led to her exhaustion.  Cindy will spend the next few weeks resting and will be back on the job after a much needed preplanned family vacation in May."

"Both Cindy and I are very thankful for the compassion shown by the other St. Mary's County Commissioners.  In addition, we would like to thank the many friends who have dropped by to deliver meals, flowers, childcare and who have kept our family in their prayers."

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