4th Annual Chief's Run for The Wall

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4th Annual Chief's Run for The Wall


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By Mike Wilson

About 60 riders gathered at Compass Systems, Inc., for the 4th Annual Chief’s Run for The Wall at 6 am Sunday to begin their ride to Washington DC. The ride is intended to remember those who served in the military, to honor Memorial Day and to raise money for the Charlotte Hall Veterans home.
The riders were briefed by two motorcycle officers from the St, Mary’s County Sheriff Department, and then hit the road at 6:30 for All American Harley Davidson Dealership in Hughesville. There they joined over 200 riders for the run to the Pentagon where they joined over 400,000 riders to participate in the 24th Annual Rolling Thunder parade.
As this went to press, it is unknown how much money was raised from this year’s Run to The Wall. However last year, the event raised $3,000 for the donation of a projection screen, a sound system, picnic tables, chess boards and horseshoe pits to the Veterans Home.

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