Holiday Traffic Safety & Crime Prevention Initiatives

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Holiday Traffic Safety & Crime Prevention Initiatives


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Thanksgiving weekend is considered the traditional kick off for the holiday shopping season.Thanksgiving day we enjoy spend time with our loved ones devouring a delicious holiday meal and rest up for the excitement of bargain shopping which begins very early on “Black Friday”.

Unfortunately the holiday shopping season is also plagued with dishonest people who watch and wait for the right opportunity to take advantage and commit crime.To keep these “Scrooges” from ruining your holiday, Sheriff Timothy Cameron and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office will be implement several Holiday Traffic Safety and Crime Prevention Initiatives beginning November 25th and continuing through the New Year.

“We have many crime prevention and traffic safety initiatives in place over the next month to deter criminal activity and prevent robberies, shoplifting and thefts from motor vehicles.Uniformed and plainclothes deputies, utilizing marked, unmarked and covertpolice vehicles, will conduct roving and foot patrols throughout all the shopping centers in St. Mary’s County.We also plan to conduct numerous drunk and aggressive driving saturation patrols during the week and on weekends.” (Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron)

To help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim, we suggest the following precautions to prevent thefts and increase personal safety:

1.Shop early and allow for plenty of time.Anticipate heavy traffic and crowded parking lots, so please be patient.

2.Know your surroundings, park in well-lit areas, do not linger in parking lots, report suspicious activity and draw attention to yourself if approached by someone you do not know.

3.Remember where you parked and have your keys out and ready as you approach your vehicle.

4.Lock your vehicle and make sure windows are completely up and secured

5.Lock the passenger compartments of your vehicle including the glove box and center console

6.Consolidate purchases into one or two large shopping bags.

7.Never leave packages or valuable items unattended or in plain view, remove them from the vehicle or secure them in the trunk.

8.Carry only the necessities with you, i.e. bank card, cash, keys and phone.Place those items in a pocket and avoid carrying a purse or hand bag.

9.Consider using only one payment method to help track your purchases.

10.If you consume alcoholic beverage, please do so responsibly and have a designated driver.

By working cooperatively, everyone can be assured a joyous holiday season - Happy Holidays!

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