Robinson, Kelly Oppose NYC Trip

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Robinson, Kelly Oppose NYC Trip

La Plata, MD - 1/31/2012

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By Andy Marquis

New York City
New York City

Charles County Commissioner President Candice Quinn Kelly (D) and Commissioner Ken Robinson (D: 1st) found themselves in opposition with the rest of the board over a bond rating agency trip to New York City.  The trip would cost taxpayers $2,319 per commissioner.

“There is no role for any of the commissioners other than the Commissioner President,” Robinson said.  “As was pointed out, our presence would be for observation only. At $2,300 per commissioner, that would a frivolous unnecessary way to spend taxpayer money.”

Robinson moved for a motion to only send Kelly, but the motion was not seconded.  Commissioner Debra Davis (D: 2nd) said her constituents want her to go.  Robinson felt the majority of county residents would feel differently.

“In a time when the budget is coming up and we’re going to face some tough decisions, I see this as a frivolous expense to send five commissioners to New York,” Robinson said. 

“It seems like a frivolous expense,” Kelly said.   She said it seemed frivolous because the county is asking other departments and agencies to cut back their expenses while teachers and emergency responders need pay raises.

A motion to send all the commissioners did pass over the opposition of Kelly and Robinson.  The $2,319 per commissioner is for three days and would cover travel expenses, meals and lodging.  Commissioner Vice President Reuben Collins (D), Commissioner Bobby Rucci (D: 4th) and Robinson all said they would not go on the trip.  Davis and Kelly would go, but David only attends as an observer.

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