February Work Hard and Be Nice Award Recipients Announced

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February Work Hard and Be Nice Award Recipients Announced

St. Mary's County, MD - 3/7/2012

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St. Mary’s County Public Schools’ (SMCPS) Work Hard and Be Nice Award recognizes distinct and extraordinary accomplishments of school system employees in connection with official employment. Dedicated employees contribute to the success of the school system and our students. Award recipients enhance both the success and the reputation of the school system through their extraordinary actions.

Each month, staff members are recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty.Dr. Michael J. Martirano, superintendent of schools, is proud to announce the award recipients for the month of February 2012:

Charles Andrews

Diane Ball

Leonard Berry

Terri Buckler

Debra Caldwell

Laura Elwell

Nicole Fischer

Ashley Fussell

Stacy Heavner

Pamela LeFave

Sharon Lloyd

Cheryl Long

Aaron Miles

Mary McCauley

Matthew Newcamp

James Price

Angelia Rollins

Kim Schrader

Jeffrey Spears

Stephanie Valentin

Tracie Wiesemann

Lynn Willoughby

Amy Winters

For more information about the SMCPS Work Hard and Be Nice Award program, or to nominate a school system employee, visit http://www.smcps.org/super/work-hard-and-be-nice-awards.

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