Sheriff's Office Steps Up Town Traffic Enforcement

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Sheriff's Office Steps Up Town Traffic Enforcement

Leonardtown, MD - 4/10/2012

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By Dick Myers

Over the past several months the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office has aggressively been enforcing speed limits along Route 5 in Leonardtown. “If you don’t see us it doesn’t mean we aren’t out there,” Sgt. Mike Butler told the Leonardtown Town Commissioners during their regular meeting on Monday.

Butler is head of the sheriff’s office Community Policing Division. He told the commissioners a number of people have had their cars stopped during the enforcement effort. “We have been in contact with some prominent people in the community,” he noted, which brought immediate light-hearted denials from the town commissioners.

Butler said traffic has slowed somewhat as the result of the effort and the number of accidents has declined slightly.  But, he said the ultimate solution to the traffic problems along Route 5 is in the hands of the State Highway Administration, which is studying whether to install a center turn lane.

Butler said accidents are most prevalent at morning and afternoon rush hours and are most frequently occurring at the Singletree intersections. Rear end collisions are also occurring wherever there are turning movements, such as at Cedar Point Credit Union. “We won’t see much change until they are addressed by SHA,” he said.

The credit union has a proposal before the town planning commission at next Monday’s meeting for a new location at Leonardtown Centre.

Mayor J. Harry “Chip” Norris, III attended his last meeting because he is not seeking re-election in May. He said that during his annual visit to the 4th grade at Leonardtown Elementary School, this year’s class listed concerns about safety as their number one issue. He said that’s a reflection of what the children are hearing at home from their parents about traffic in town.

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