Indian Head Appoints New Town Clerk

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Indian Head Appoints New Town Clerk

Indian Head, MD - 5/8/2012

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By Andy Marquis

The Indian Head Town Council voted 3-0 on Monday night to appoint Annie Hood as the Clerk for the Town of Indian Head, effective May 7, 2012. She replaced Awilda Hernandez, who accepted a job in Bowie, Maryland. Hood had previously been the office assistant for the town.

“I’m really excited about the new job and I’m going to do my best to fill the position as well as Awilda did,” Hood said.
Hood is required to sit in on all town council meetings and other meetings that are required of her to be present by the council, along with her day-to-day duties. Hernandez was unable to be present Monday night to say her goodbyes since she had to attend a meeting in Bowie.

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