Loveville on the Map for Valentine's Day

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Loveville on the Map for Valentine's Day

LOVEVILLE - 2/14/2008

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By Sean Rice, Managing Editor

 While everyone is said to get their “15 minutes of fame”, the tiny town of Loveville is blessed with one full day of fame every year.

 Loveville’s name attracts tens of thousands of thoughtful lovers each Valentines Day season to send mail through Loveville to get the unique postmark of Loveville, MD.

 The phenomenon draws national attention to Southern Maryland, much like Hollywood, MD, which achieved world fame in the Jack Black movie “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny”.

 Not only do locals travel to Loveville for the special postmark but the U.S. Postal Service encourages mail patrons to use the lovely postmarks of Loveville and other U.S. towns with cutesy names like Romance, Ark., and Valentine, Va.

 Mail patrons are encouraged to bulk mail Valentines, wedding invitations and other items to these special posts, where they can be postmarked.

 Loveville is one of St. Mary’s County’s smallest Post Offices, and is operated out of a trailer along Route 5 north of Leonardtown.

 To mark the event, Loveville uses a special postmark leading up to Valentines Day, depicting Cupid shooting an arrow through a heart.

 Business soars in Loveville near Valentines Day, jumping from an average of 1,200 mail items a week to more than 7,000 in the week prior to Valentines Day, according to the Postal Service.

 Terri Doughty, Loveville Postmaster, is experiencing her first Valentines Day as the local postmaster.

 “I love it I thought it was great,” Doughty told The Bay Net this morning, adding that there is still time to get this special addition to your late Valentines.


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