Winners and Losers in the Legislative Session

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Winners and Losers in the Legislative Session

ANNAPOLIS - 4/28/2008

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By Johanna Neumann, Maryland PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) Advocate

The legislative session is officially over. So what does that mean to us?

Lawmakers took strides in the right direction on issues important to Marylanders, but industry-influence also delivered some set-backs for the public.

We won on our top priority -- energy efficiency and Gov. O'Malley signed it into law today. After deregulation killed energy efficiency programs nine years ago, they are finally back! Thanks to legislation we helped pass, utilities and the state will soon begin to offer energy efficiency programs to lower bills, protect the environment and prevent blackouts.

Thanks to all of you who helped with this campaign by contacting your elected officials in Annapolis and making your voices heard.

Our other major priority -- banning toxic chemicals in children's products -- had mixed results. In a victory for public health, lawmakers passed legislation that outlaws the use of lead in children's toys, but under intense pressure from industry lobbyists, lawmakers failed to move legislation banning dangerous plastics additives from teethers, baby bottles and other children's products.

For a complete round-up of the Winners & Losers from the legislative session, visit

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