Freedom Fest at St. Mary's Fairgrounds

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Freedom Fest at St. Mary's Fairgrounds

LEONARDTOWN - 6/30/2008

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Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office would like to wish everyone a safe and sober Fourth of July.  The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the community to attend the Freedom Fest celebration at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 5, 2008.  

In an effort to ensure a safe traffic flow to and from the fairgrounds, the Sheriff's office is asking all vehicles coming from south of the fairgrounds to park at the Leonardtown High School parking lots.  Vehicles coming from north of the fairgrounds should park in the Leonardtown Middle School parking lots. Vehicles coming from the Hollywood and California areas should park in the fairground’s parking lot.

During the fireworks display roads in the area will be temporarily closed.  When the fireworks are over, vehicles leaving Leonardtown High School will be directed south on Route 5. The vehicles leaving Leonardtown Middle School will be directed north on Route 5. The vehicles leaving the fairgrounds parking lot will be directed across Fairgrounds Road to Route 4, St. Andrew’s Church Road.  Parking in the above noted areas will ensure when you depart you are headed in the correct direction.

Please expect traffic delays at the end of the event due to the large volume of traffic.  Please use alternate routes such as St. Andrew’s Church Road, Medley’s Neck Road and Whirlwind Road to avoid traffic delays.

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