Speak Out on Energy Spending

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Speak Out on Energy Spending

LA PLATA - 8/11/2008

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The Maryland Energy Administration will hold four town meetings so the public can comment on how funds from the Strategic Eneregy Investment Fund should be spent. The meeting in the La Plata Conference Center, 8730 Mitchell Road, is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 20, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

SEIF will be financed with funds from the upcoming sale of carbon allowances. Funds will be used to 1) direct refunds to residential customers, (2) provide additional money for low-income bill payments, (3) expanded energy efficiency programs, and (4) provide incentives for using clean, renewable power.

Overall the state hopes Marylanders will receive rate relief for utilitities by combining credits on their monthly bills with energy efficiency programs . Monthly savings could average $8.

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