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Hurting The Students

Joe Wible Sr
Public School Union Officials are saying that "teachers are going back to basics because they are not getting step increases in pay". Union Officials were quoted by local media as saying "teachers with the St. Mary's County School System will only do what is required of them this school year and nothing more, and that includes not assigning homework to students because it would increase the amount of free time that teachers would have to use to grade assignments". The Union Officials go on to say " we have no intention of hurting
the students or diminishing the quality and instruction we provide". This is a contradiction !

I contend that not assigning homework does hurt the students and the quality of education. Do all teachers feel this way about assigning homework, or is this the Unions talking? Either way, it sounds petty. One teacher speaking to a local paper on condition of anonymity put the onus on the Unions and the School Board for not doing an adequate job, and said that teachers did get a step increase but were short changed just a few dollars per pay check due to a change in the payment formula. That is not the County Commissioners fault!

Everyone should stop pointing fingers at the County Commissioners who have continued to adequately fund the School System with annual increases in funding. They should instead turn their ire toward the Unions, and also toward the School Board for mismanagement resulting in a $6.5 million cost overrun. Without this mismanagement, teachers could have a bigger pay check. And the question remains, are Unions a help or hindrance to Public Education?

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