Are you among the few professionals thriving under the clutches of a corporate job who love to have a beautiful, eye appeasing garden? Do you love to gaze out proudly at pretty, vibrant flowers spreading early morning glee and little shrubs decking your backyard, while you rush off to your office? If you are among those workaholics who are short of time but want to decorate your porches with sprawling leaves and your windows with vines then you need to grow plants that need minimum caring and maintenance. So, let us have a look at 10 such beautiful, low maintenance plants.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that can survive and thrive in unforgiving desert areas. So, they are designed to do without water for almost 2-3 weeks. The aloe Vera plant basically comprises of plump leaves that are filled with smooth silver gel. This gel is very handy in case of skin diseases and scars. The aloe Vera plant is extremely beneficial for all kinds of medical emergencies and hair, skin and health benefits. Never over water this plant. The soil should be dry between watering, for the plant to not rot.

2. Hummingbird Mint or Agastache

If you would prefer tall, beautiful, bright hues of orange, purple, pink, lavender, white, blue, red tipped along veined pale green leaves sprawling over your garden, you should definitely go for this one. For a healthy growth, Agastache would require a well-drained and tilled soil. So, be sure to atleast look for the best tillers for gardening to lessen your gardening work. This perennial is popular among gardeners for its sustainability in drought ridden areas. It will also make for a lovely magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies in your garden.

3. Chrysanthemums

These need to be sowed after the risk of harsh winter freezing has elapsed and before the onset of torrid summers, so its roots can gain access to the deeper crevices of the soil to help avoid withering. Thus, early spring is perhaps the most preferable period for planting chrysanthemums. After you have planted them, you just need to sit back and watch as your garden gets taken over by a sea of bright colors and varieties of freshness.

4. Autumn Joy Sedum

This low maintenance plant will beautify your ornamental grasses through August to November with little to zero input from your side. They only need to be protected against mealybugs and snails. Autumn Joy Sedum requires very little water. These burgundy flowers, attract bees and butterflies and are best suited for cottage gardening.

5. Dusty Miller

These exotic looking plants with their unique silver whitish glow give a nice contrast to the rest of your garden flowers. Growing up to be about 18 inches tall, they just need a warm climate and a well-drained soil. Watering is not at all a problem, you can water once and forget about them for the rest of the week.

6. Peony

Outrageously pretty flowers that blossom to embellish your garden with thick foliage, peonies simple make your heart stop with their elegance. To think they are so easy to maintain seems impossible. They just need to have the right placement – with full sun exposure and moist rich soil, and they are ready to bloom bright for the rest of the year. 

7. Kalanchoe

A tropical succulent present in a myriad of elegant forms and different bright colors. These demand you to give them gap between watering so as to allow the soil to dry, thus cutting down on your efforts. They are extremely easy to maintain. Just put them onto baskets and hang them on your porch windows and watch them bloom to brightness. Sunny warm ambiance preferred along with minimal fertilizer feeding every few weeks.

8. Chinese Fringe Tree

If you need a plant for landscaping but can’t afford to put in a lot of time, plant a Chinese Fringe Tree and watch as elegance blossoms and fragrance spreads in your yard. It has to be planted in moist soil with access to sun. It naturally transforms into an oval canopy with minimal outside efforts of pruning and trimming.

9. Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush is a quick blossoming deciduous shrub with trusses on it that spike out coyly. They are available in a variety of colours but the lavender one attracts the most butterflies. When added along with native plants for instance milkweed, it can help butterflies stay and proliferate. This shrub requires just a single pruning throughout the year for the shape to stay correct and blossom to stay beautiful.

10. Knock Out Roses

Resistance to black spot and other diseases, ability to blossom in shaded areas as well and their quick blossoming tendencies along with their dazzling appeal make them a favourite among beginner gardeners. Fertilization and pruning required only seasonally. If you plant them in a well aerated space with fertile soil, these easy to grow knock out roses, within no time will occupy and glorify your garden majestically.

I hope you try growing these plants in your gardens once and see for yourself what beautiful results you can obtain with minimalistic efforts.