On Friday, September 09, 2011, at approximately 9:08 pm, there was a report of an auto accident with vehicle on roof.  The accident was on Route 2 just northeast of Pushaw Station Road.

The Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad (Co. 6) responded to the call along with ambulances from Huntingtown and Dunkirk.  Chief 6B (Morris) was the officer in command of this call. It is believed the cause of the accident was that one vehicle was going southwest on Route 2 and the vehicle on roof top was going northeast on Route 2.  The vehicle going southwest had a woman transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital by ambulance from Huntingtown (Co.6). The other vehicle involved in the accident was about 200 – 300 feet southwest of this vehicle at Pushaw Station Road.  No pictures taken of this vehicle.

Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation.