NEWBURG, Md. – Weather permitting, on Tuesday, March 15, two-way traffic will operate on northbound US 301 so work can begin to remove the existing Nice/Middleton Bridge toll plaza. Toll collection via overhead gantry located prior to the toll plaza structure will also begin for southbound traffic only.

  • Stay alert, obey posted speeds and keep moving through the work area.
  • Traffic delays are possible throughout the work area.
  • Tolls will be collected via a new overhead electronic toll gantry located prior to the existing toll plaza structure for southbound traffic only.
  • Always properly mount your E-ZPass transponder and keep your account up to date to receive the lowest toll rate.

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  1. The picture shows 2 lanes going southbound and 2 lanes going northbound. I always thought they should have done that to begin with so bottlenecking doesn’t happen through the toll lanes. Happy to see this.

  2. Hogan should have kept the bike/pedestrian lanes and future HOV/Transit lane – say what you want, but eco-tourism is big (see those bike clubs on 235 on Saturdays?) and with the area expanding, just like all other Maryland planning, this bridge will be at capacity within a year or two of opening.

  3. why is a toll called a toll instead of a tax? what impact would it have if the word tax was hanging in mid- air instead of toll? I’ll admit the toll is disclosed. The tobacco tax is still not ddisclosed where you get cigarettes. Its a whopping $2 a pack. Hmmm is $2 a pack tax enough of a reason to cause someone to quit?

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