Annapolis, MD —  The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is reminding anglers to keep an eye on oxygen levels in their weekly fishing forecast.

Very warm water and generally low winds should make for good fishing conditions. But warmer waters mean less dissolved oxygen in the water and fish depend on dissolved oxygen to breathe. 

THE MDNR suggests focusing on areas with adequate oxygen and cool water just above the “don’t fish below this depth” mark.

They say the best combination of water temp and oxygen levels are found north off the Bay Bridge near Swan Point. The agency also suggests fishing shallows at first light of after sunset to take advantage of cooler water temperatures.

Most shallower Bay waters should have adequate oxygen down to a depth of 20 feet, with the exceptions being the Magothy, West, and South rivers. They have adequate oxygen to a depth of 10 feed or less. 

Anglers are also advised to avoid fishing deeper than 20 feet in deep channel waters from the Bay Bridge down to the state line and the lower Potomac River

Avoid fishing below 15 feet at the Gooses Reef area of the main Bay and on the Potomac River, from Colonial Beach downriver to Tall Timbers.

MDNR’s Eyes on the Bay offers a clickable map that shows both water temperature and dissolved oxygen levels.  You can follow this link to check it out: