Annapolis, MD – On Thursday, April 18, Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley released the following statement regarding an incident that occurred April 14. Police intervened in an altercation and three people were arrested and charged.  

“Today I received the report from acting Police Chief Paul Herman on the incident that transpired at Harbour House on Sunday, April 14.

“First, I want to thank Chief Herman for acting quickly to process the evidence, which included witness testimony, body worn camera video, fixed camera video, bystander video and reports from officers on the scene. The Annapolis Police Internal Affairs Division has determined, and all evidence is in agreement, that the officers acted appropriately.

“I strongly support the police officers in doing their job. I thank the chief for quickly conducting the investigation and delivering a conclusion to my office. I also thank the witnesses for their participation in the process.

“Chief Herman has also instructed me that he is offering mediation to the families through the Community Relations division, and in that endeavor, he has the support of my office and staff. The three people arrested, two adults and a juvenile, have been processed and face charges including disorderly conduct and fighting.

“I am happy that there were no injuries to officers or residents. I thank the public for their patience during the four days of the investigation.”

Gavin Buckley, Mayor, City of Annapolis