Annmarie Gardens Holds Its Annual Green Life Festival

SOLOMONS, Md. – Annmarie Gardens celebrated nature and healthy living with its annual Green Life Festival and Market on June 4th. The purpose of this particular festival is to teach people how to create a healthy community and a healthy planet, as well as how to live a healthy and sustainable life. 

The event included a number of presentations and demonstrations on how to take care of our planet’s environment, such as how solar energy works. There were also a number of fun arts and crafts projects for young children to engage in and learn about the importance of living a green lifestyle. 

A number of local music artists and acts also showed up to entertain guests browsing through the various tables set up around the garden. If guests were to ever get hungry, refreshments were provided in the form of Dan D’s Concessions & Catering food truck, serving chicken sandwiches and drinks to hungry guests. 

There were a multitude of different of organizations that had tables set up to sell products, advertise services, and provide information on how to live healthy and be environmentally friendly. 

Some of these organizations included The Calvert Library, Calvert Democrat’s, University of Maryland, The Naval Air Station, and many others. 

Many of the people manning these tables spoke on what this festival means to them and why they enjoy coming to this festival. 

Hester Burch, who works for Annmarie Gardens, says she enjoys it because, “I believe in the cause the festival supports and being more environmentally friendly.” 

Mrs. Burch is also in charge of Insectival, another event being held in the gardens next month that celebrates all things insect. 

Another notable vendor was Mike Churilla, a local man who makes his own jars of honey, jam’s, and jelly’s. He says he enjoys coming here because, “I like visiting the people around here, I have lived down here for many years and I just love it…” Mr. Churilla even knew one of the old owners of Annmarie Gardens. 

It is important to remember that we only have one planet and we need to keep it healthy, that is the message that the people who run the Green Life Festival are trying to convey. 

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