Annual Wild Turkey Survey: Contribute Your Sighting Data

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – If you see wild turkeys between July 1 and August 31, please report them using the convenient online form below.

We have conducted an annual summer wild turkey survey since 1993. The primary purpose of this survey is to estimate reproductive success, but other important information can be obtained from the data.

Like most wildlife species, turkeys depend on annual reproduction to add new individuals to the population.

This survey, along with other sources of data, allows managers to monitor turkey populations and helps explain and predict annual or regional population changes. 

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  1. It also points out where they are for hunters. No way I’ll reveal where they are. They rely on annual reproduction because we keep shooting past “individuals.”

  2. “Death” is the way of life for all the living. It’s the way the world turns. People complain of the deer population and the need to lower it, so goes for other animals including wild turkeys. The earth can sustain only so many. Again its the way the world turns.

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