MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – Last week, Chris Hill, son of Mechanicsville Building Supply owner Sonny Hill, told the TheBayNet that stories his father’s store was shutting down after 55 years were not entirely accurate. “We are not closing as of this time. Nothing is finalized, there is no decision.”  Hill also said he would know more about the future of the store in a week to 10 days.

The future plans for the location became clear when Atlantic Tractor announced it would open a new store location in the building in 2021.

Chris Hill said he’d hedged about the accuracy of the reports because it was not yet a done deal and he didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. “You can’t spread rumors. Nothing had been signed.”  Hill was finally willing to acknowledge that store will shut its doors on October 31. 

Atlantic Tractor is an authorized John Deere dealership. The company was keen on its new location. “Atlantic Tractor has been serving many of the agricultural customers in this area for years now, so it seemed only natural that we move into supporting homeowners, commercial landscapers and construction businesses with equipment, parts and service solutions as well.” 

The company said it will spend the next few months transforming the Mechanicsville Building Supply location into a “21-century John Deere equipment dealership that will provide sales and aftermarket solutions to the southern Maryland communities.”

Chris Hill declined further comment on the closing of his family’s store and suggested his father, Sonny Hill, was the one to talk to.