On November 10, the Board of Commissioners will vote on the acquisition of the Turner property, known to most as Roses.

This property is the last parcel of land needed by the County for the construction of FDR Boulevard between Great Mills Road and South Shangri-La Drive. Shown as Phase II within the schedule for the construction of FDR Boulevard, this road section is a key component of the County’s adopted Transportation Plan. It is designed to alleviate traffic congestion at the intersection of South Shangri-La Drive/Willows Road and Great Mills Road and to enhance access to the vitally important, community-serving institutions listed below.

Fire and rescue response times will also be improved with better access to MD 246 via this section of FDR Boulevard.  

·         Lexington Park Library

·         Lexington Park Elementary School

·         Bay District Fire Department and Social Hall

·         Lexington Park Rescue Squad’s future home  

Citizens can submit comments regarding this acquisition by emailing the board of county commissioners at bocc@stmarysmd.com.