Around 5 PM today, search and rescue teams were called into Solomons Island to help rescue children that had gone overboard from three small sailboats.  The sailboats reportedly capsized because of strong winds and high waves.  It was first reported that there were 13 children and only 12 were rescued at the time the boats capsized.  According to Sgt. Payne, it was later confirmed that there were only 12 children on the boats.  Sgt. Payne also reported that the children seem to have no injuries.  Three helicopters continue to hover around the area even though the police believe that all the children are accounted for. 


News Update:  All the children are accounted for and appear to have suffered no injuries.  The remaining helpicopters were being used to spot the sailboats that were left in the water.  As of 6 PM all of the sailboats have been towed into shore.