As stated by Constellation Energy’s Maureen Brown, the energy company in joint venture with the French company, Èlectricté de France, or UniStar Energy, plans for adding a third reactor and generation unit to the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear effort are in the early stages. Brown stated, “We have not decided to proceed at this time. A decision will be made within a year.”

Brown indicated that the most pressing issue for the joint venture is a commitment for funding for the mammoth, multi-year construction project. To date no firm funding plans have been announced.

As part of the due diligence done by UniStar Energy there have been a number of public and private hearings to determine the feasibility of adding a third unit. In addition to mapping the ecological impact of a third unit on-site, hearings have been held which looks at each aspect of the proposed plant including safety, ecological impact and security.

This coming August – Monday, August 4, Monday, August 11, and Tuesday, August 19 from 6 to 10 p.m., there will be a series of public hearings held in Solomons at the Holiday Inn to let the public learn of the ecological aspect of the proposed nuclear power generation unit as described in the multi-part Nuclear Regulatory Commission application.

“The hearings are part of a longer process. Maryland has a Certificate of Public Need, and the hearings will be held to determine if the unit fills the public need and convenience,” said Brown.

Those wishing to attend one or more hearings are encouraged to visit Calendar of Events for more detailed information about these public hearings in the coming days leading up to the hearing dates.