Calvert Commissioners Honor Staff For Aiding With COVID-19 Business Relief
Calvert Commissioners Honor Staff For Aiding With COVID-19 Business Relief

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners honored employees with a Team Excellence Award for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist with business relief and grants.

In June 2020 and continuing through October 2021, the Department of Economic Development and Community Resources, with support from other county departments, took on the unprecedented and monumental task of organizing, administering and tracking over $3.6 million in grant funding to support Calvert County businesses and nonprofits as they weathered the economic storm caused by COVID-19.

Twelve rounds of various grant funding were distributed in 518 allotments to support county business owners and nonprofits. Working as a team, Economic Development, Community Resources, Finance & Budget, Communications & Media Relations, Technology Services, Planning & Zoning, the County Attorney and County Treasurer’s Office staff developed the grant application and fine-tuned the process for the grant review and award process.

Economic Development and Community Resources staff provided additional support to businesses and nonprofits to help alleviate concerns, provide advice and support, answer questions, and seek innovative solutions to once-in-a-lifetime challenges. They responded to inquiries with care and concern while maintaining the same high level of customer service and addressing the usual tasks and responsibilities required in their regular positions.

This 30-person team dispersed and tracked over $3.6 million in COVID-19 relief funding to support Calvert’s businesses and nonprofits and helped these organizations identify innovative solutions to address once-in-a lifetime challenges.

The Team Excellence award recognizes employees who have excelled as a group and displayed cooperation and teamwork in support of a common goal or project. The BOCC and Employee Recognition Committee are pleased to recognize the following employees:

Communications & Media Relations: Sarah Ehman, Eryn Lowe and Jessica Requilman

Community Resources: Jacquelyn Culver, Lorraine Joyner, Julie Mashino, Ariane Odom and Kathleen Wrublewski

Economic Development: Danita Boonchaisri, Tammy Bowen, Hilary Dailey, Ashley Greely, Kathy MacAdams, Savannah Manning, Sandra Staples and Kelly Swann

Finance & Budget: Mary Layman, Robin Lynch, Janice Marcellas-Ward, Loretta Marcum, Kim Money, Sharon Strand and Kay Zinn

Technology Services: Aimee O’Connor and Stephen Pereira

Other Departments/Agencies: Ruthie Buckler, County Administrator’s Office; Pam Lucas, County Attorney’s Office; Vonceal Foote and Cynthia Harris, County Treasurer’s Office; and Dawn Mister, Planning & Zoning

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