Lt. Col. Dave McDowell and Calvert County State's Attorney Bob Harvey

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On Friday morning, Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Col. Dave McDowell and Calvert County State’s Attorney Bob Harvey were LIVE on Star 98.3 FM with T-Bone and Heather to discuss the proposed legislation to change the penalty for Violation of Maryland Traffic Article 21-904b1 Fleeing and Eluding (Attempts by Driver to Elude Uniformed Police by Failing to Stop Vehicle.

Citizens are encouraged to contact their local delegate or senator and ask them to support this bill: Maryland Traffic Article 21-904b1.

Featuring Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans, Calvert County State’s Attorney Bob Harvey and Calvert County Assistant Sheriff Lt. Col. Dave McDowell

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  1. Serious ethical issues with McDowell. All of a sudden, since he became a candidate for Sheriff, it seems that he is now the Public Relations spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office. Look at all this free campaign advertising he is getting under the guise of providing a Public Service Announcement. Vote someone else for Sheriff.

  2. So, with carjackings on the rise and all the unmarked patrol vehicles (“impersonating an officer” flashing lights are nothing more than leds and a relay), any female driver proceeding to a well lit area at night when being pulled over can legally be charged with a felony…

  3. So, what you folks are saying is that people running for public office should not make public comments designed to protect the community when they are doing so in a protective working capacity. This is just stupid. What does this have to do with people getting killed or seriously injured while running from the police? I’m not even from your county and I can tell these comments are meant to hurt one’s political stance.

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