checkpoint dui
checkpoint dui

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with MDOT’s Highway Safety Office and the Maryland State Police, will be conducting Impaired driving enforcement operations in the weeks leading up to and including Labor Day weekend.

The primary purpose of checkpoints is not to make arrests, but to promote public safety by deterring drivers from driving impaired.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping the public and our area roadways safe. CCSO reminds the public that impaired driving is not just from alcohol. Some prescription medications and/or over-the-counter drugs may interfere with driving. Always follow directions for use and read warning labels about driving or “operating heavy machinery,” which includes driving a car. While medicinal marijuana is legal, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal.

Sheriff Mike Evans advises citizens to drive sober or arrange for a sober driver.

Drivers charged with a first-time DUI face an average of $13,500 in fines and penalties, as well as a suspended license.

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    1. Well for the past two years, it would seem the citizens need to set up a checkpoint for our fellow officers!

  1. Yikes. I’m concerned about the training that was provided to officers concerning this activity. I’m all for safety on the roads for everyone. As long as it’s not a ruse for targeting drivers by race.

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