Calvert arrests march 2022

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – During the week of March 7, 2022 – March 13, 2022, deputies of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to 1,499 calls for service throughout the community.

Theft: 22-12577

On March 7, 2022, Deputy T. Bowen responded to the 4100 block of Old Town Road in Huntingtown, MD, for the report of a theft that already occurred. The complainant advised unknown suspects (s) had stolen a black 2018 Leonard heavy duty hydraulic trailer valued at $10,000 from the parking lot of the business. The stolen trailer was located on March 9 at the Grays Road Dog Park in Prince Frederick, MD with no tag affixed. The registered tag valued at $100 is still missing.

Theft: 22-12957

On March 9, 2022, Deputy Ashley received report of a theft. The complainant advised unknown suspect (s) stole flower arrangements from her husband’s grave at Southern Memorial Gardens located in Dunkirk, MD. The value of stolen property is $100.00.

Theft: 22-12962

On March 8, 2022, Deputy Contic responded to the 4700 block of Williams Wharf Road in St. Leonard, MD for report of a theft. The complainant advised he left several Craftsman power tools on the front porch and/or stairs of his trailer and sometime between March 6 and March 8, the tools went missing. The estimated value of stolen property is $564.00.

Theft: 22-13161

On March 10, 2022, Deputy Huy received report of a theft. The complainant advised sometime between Feb. 4 and March 4, unknown suspect (s) stole the Maryland registration plate off his trailer while parked outside a residence in the 300 block of Planters Wharf Road in Lusby, MD. The value of stolen property is $150.00.


Dominic Louis Andujar
Dominic Louis Andujar

On March 7, 2022, Deputy Kwitowski responded to the 5000 block of Bayside Road in Chesapeake Beach, MD for report of property destruction. Investigation revealed Dominic Louis Andujar, 28 of Chesapeake Beach, MD was observed and admitted to throwing rocks at neighbor’s windows. Multiple glass windows and a garage door were damaged. Several bricks and concrete blocks were discovered laying nearby. The estimated value of damaged property is $1,000.00.Andujar was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center where he was charged Malicious Destruction of Property Value $1000+.

Christopher Oswaldo Rosales
Christopher Oswaldo Rosales

On March 10, 2022, Deputy Ashley responded to the Marriott Suites hotel located at 75 Sherry Lane in Prince Frederick, MD for a disorderly subject. Investigation revealed Christopher Oswaldo Rosales, 39 of Washington D.C., was yelling and cussing at the front desk clerk. Rosales continued to disturb customers in the lobby and refused to leave or obey deputy’s commands. Rosales was placed into custody. A search of Rosales’s person revealed a pocket knife and suspected marijuana. While Rosales was being transported to the Calvert County Detention Center, he repeatedly spit all over the patrol vehicle.  Rosales was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Malicious Destruction of Property Value Less than $1,000.00.

Daejawon Kyree Butler
Daejawon Kyree Butler

On March 11, 2022, Deputy Anderson was on routine patrol in Solomons, MD when he observed a suspicious vehicle with a single male occupant in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn located at 155 Holiday Drive. Deputy Anderson heard the distinct sound of metal hitting the asphalt and located a black handgun and a magazine with ammunition on the ground. Deputy Anderson observed Daejawon Kyree Butler, 23 of Lexington Park, MD exit the vehicle and quickly enter the hotel. Contact was made Butler who admitted to throwing the firearm from the vehicle. Butler was taken into custody and charged with Concealing a Dangerous Weapon, Loaded Handgun on Person and Loaded Handgun in a Vehicle.

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  1. First, they came for DC, then for PG, then for Charles. Currently they’re coming for St. Mary’s and should have fully destroyed it within the next 3-5 years. Calvert will be the “final frontier”, I’d say, within the next 5 years. Thanks Maryland dems! Keep reducing the punishments for your offenders (voters).

      1. Actually, Mr.bya; You BELIEVE the dumbest things. Since you’ve chosen to be misled, you have no credibility with me. Turn off CNN and the like and learn the truth so you can become credible too.

  2. I admit tho, would have been worse if trump was around…

    trump SUCKS 2020 !!! LOST by a LANDSLIDE

    1. WOW! What a low life with no life you are for using my screen name. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell you from me on here. Hopefully your mommy will take your phone away when your keeper comes for you.

  3. Good. I hope calvert burns. The police never did anything when I filed complaints on my drug dealing neighbor,, but had plenty of money to ruin my life with an undercover sting on tinder targeting people on legal dating apps. Calvert, MD and the USA deserve every bad thing coming to it.

    1. Meanwhile deputy gets off on 300 dollar fine for dui. The hypocrisy and double standard is unreal. Our entire country is falling apart

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