Atomic Seafood Liquor License Temporarily Suspended After Stabbing Incident

UPDATE – Atomic Seafood released the following statement following the recent stabbing incident:

“A message to our amazing community and patrons,

Hello Friends,

First and foremost, we greatly appreciate every one of you beyond any words we could ever write and the continued love and support we receive from our
community means the world to all of us at Atomic Seafood,

We’ve been faced with an unfortunate situation due to a terrible incident that
occurred outside of our establishment a few weeks ago. Today we learned that.
due to that incident, we unfortunately must halt the sale and consumption of all alcohol for a few days. While this consequence is not the outcome we had hoped for, we are using this situation as a learning experience and making A LOT of great changes for the future to our restaurant and bar.

Over the next few days our bar will be closed BUT our kitchen will remain open to continue to serve our patrons the most amazing food. Our staff will be here just like always – happy to see you all and serve you in the best way possible.
Just like the turning of a page in your favorite book, our next chapter will be our best chapter!!

We have an amazing group of staff here at Atomic Seafood and collectively we
have been brainstorming and creating a brand-new focus for our restaurant. We are very excited to be changing gears, but still providing our community with a great place to eat, drink and be merry!

Tuesday, August 2nd, we will return to our normal operations.”

LUSBY, Md. — On July 2, 2022, deputies from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Bureau responded to Atomic Seafood in Lusby, MD, for the report of a fight involving a large group of people and a suspect with a knife.

An assault occurred outside of the restaurant and two victims were seriously cut/stabbed during the altercation.

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is asking for the public’s assistance in helping provide any information related to this incident.

Anyone with any information related to this case is asked to contact Det. Josh Buck at 410-535-2800 ext. 2765 or

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  1. So, scum decide to be scum, and the establishment pays they price? Bet the Judge goes easy and the restaurant bears the brunt.

    Really curious what the restaurant’s involvement in all this was. If they didn’t do anything to cause this, they shouldn’t be punished.

    It’s time to stand against innocents being bundled in with offenders when punishments are in order. First it was ticketing folks for leaving their car running, now your business takes it hit if the wrong creep chooses your place to host his fight.

  2. So, this little eatery place has to shut down their bar and lose income because of something that happened OUTSIDE OF IT??? Sounds like the left was involved in that decision…

    1. For reasons we don’t understand. Were those fighting over served, I could understand it if this establishment impaired their judgment and this led to the altercation. If not than those involved should be made to pay the establishment back it’s lost revenue as well as receive punishment for behavior. No bargaining for lesser sentences. Do the crime…take the punishment!

    2. Not to mention something that DID NOT happen on their property, this restaurant is in a shopping center, so if you close the restaurant then the entire shopping center should close, only seems logical by the democratic way

  3. That’s a democratic decision if I’ve ever heard one, I bet big dog made that decision seems like his logic, blaming someone else for something that happens

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