Huntingtown, MD – High school junior Jordan Mister brings an abundance of quality to any table at which she is seated. For one thing the 16-year-old Huntingtown resident is carrying on a tradition spanning five generations. “My family is very deep-rooted in agriculture,” said Mister, who is vice president of the Battle Creek 4-H. Both sides of her family have toiled on Calvert’s farmland—raising tobacco, field crops and livestock. Her paternal grandfather, Hagner R. Mister is a former Maryland Agriculture secretary.

This past summer, Jordan Mister was chosen by Calvert County Farm Bureau to represent the organization at the Maryland State Fair in Timonium as Miss Calvert County Farm Bureau in the Miss Maryland Agriculture competition. During July she was consumed with preparing to vie for the state title. “I did a lot of learning in a short amount of time,” said Mister.

In early August, Mister and the other 22 contestants, all representing local Farm Bureaus, went through two days of orientation. In addition to speakers the contestants toured a few of the state’s farms. “I got to learn about the impact Farm Bureau has on farmers,” said Mister.

Of her 22 colleagues, Mister was effusive in her praise. “All of them were fantastic. We all had a connection to agriculture but it [the group] was so diverse. I made such good friends with the girls.”

Her lifetime of hands-on involvement in farming, public speaking experiences in 4-H and her student government leadership role—at Huntingtown High School and in the Calvert County Association of Student Councils—all played a significant role in helping Mister through the most challenging components of the competition. The segments included “first impression speaking,” a round-table discussion, a 90-second speech and a question and answer session with a panel of judges.

Friday evening, Aug. 22 was a memorable moment for Jordan. The names of four runners-up for Miss Maryland Agriculture 2014 were announced. To her surprise and her family’s delight, Jordan Mister of Calvert County was announced as Miss Maryland Agriculture 2014. “It was very exciting,” she recalled.

Her classes at HHS had resumed earlier in the week. Jordan returned to school the following Monday and then Wednesday night after school she returned to the state fairgrounds for the next five days. Those hours were spent attending different shows with the Miss Maryland Agriculture court, handing out ribbons to the many competition winners, presenting attendees with prizes, speaking with exhibitors and having lunch with several elected officials, including Governor Martin O’Malley.

Mister said most of her conversation with the governor was about the start of the new school year.

The honor student would like to see Calvert County Public Schools expand it Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education (CASE) program. Currently, there is CASE at Calvert High School and Jordan would like for HHS to have one as well.

As for her post-high school plans, Jordan stated, “I’ve always had my eyes set on the medical field.” However, her love of agriculture has given her mixed feelings about her ultimate career path. “I really hope to stay rooted in agriculture,” she said.

In addition to her student government activities, Jordan Mister also plays lacrosse and field hockey and is very active in her church group at Huntingtown United Methodist Church.

While being Miss Maryland Agriculture is a huge deal, Jordan gives anyone she encounters the impression it will not be her crowning achievement.

“I can’t imagine a life where I’m not involved in everything I can get my hands on,” she said.

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