Sergeant Katie Goddard
Sergeant Katie Goddard

WALDORF, Md. – Continuing our #WomensHistoryMonth recognitions, let’s put our hands together for Sergeant Katie Goddard #507!

Sergeant Goddard is a 16-year veteran of the CCSO. She began her career in 2006 as a cadet, and later attended the police academy in 2007. Sgt. Goddard currently serves as a supervisor in the Patrol Division however she has worked in several different facets of the Agency.

Sgt. Goddard grew up on a farm, where her parents instilled in her the values of hard work, dedication, and responsibility. These values, and her parents, are what she attributes her success to. A go-getter and busy-body, Sgt. Goddard says, “I chose this career because I have always been an active person. For me, it would be tough to be behind a desk all day long. Every day is different and brings a different challenge to the table.”

When asked who inspires her, Sgt. Goddard said, “Throughout my career, I have been inspired by all of the women we work with and a lot of the women I have met. I think it’s incredible the women we work with find the balance they do between their careers and personal life. They’re incredible mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, etc. They come to work and are strong, confident and bold influential leaders and heroes from the top to the bottom. From the women in command positions all the way to the women who are fearless leaders amongst their peers. I hope I can inspire other women and be half the leaders they have proven to be.”
She added, “I continue to enjoy this job because I have been able to see life through different points of view and continuously get to interact with people from all walks of life along the way.”

Thank you Sgt. Goddard for your dedication and for passion! You are an outstanding role model, especially for anyone interested in a career in law enforcement!

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