On Saturday, July 26, The Calvert Marine Museum introduces the Chesapeake Bay Saturday Seminar Series. Designed for families with children ages 13 and up, this program invites you to participate in hands-on learning about the Chesapeake Bay from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday through August 16.

On July 26, the focus is on water quality – how to test it, why it’s important, and where the problems lie. You will travel by museum van to test the salinity, pH, and temperature of the bay and some of its tributaries, and then compare your findings to historical data collected by scientists at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory. You’ll discover what scientists learn from this data, and how it helps them predict the overall health of the bay. Working in the museum’s new paleontology exhibit, you’ll discover how the Chesapeake Bay was formed, and how it continues to change in response to global warming. Future programs will focus on fish in the bay, kayaking through Back Creek to look for local birds, invasive species, and bugs.

This program requires pre-registration. The cost is $25 per family per seminar. To register call (410) 326-2042 ext. 32.