A victim advised DFC A. Woodford on February 3 at 11:30 a.m. that a man had just assaulted him on the sidewalk and run into a house on Erie Ave in North Beach.  The victim further advised that he was walking on the sidewalk with his toddler daughter and brother-in-law when they were approached by the suspect who used profanity and vulgar names toward them.  The suspect then assaulted the victim by punching him in the face, breaking his glasses.  Woodford made contact with the suspect who said that the victim had spit on the sidewalk in front of him.  A Maryland State Trooper responded to assist and was also verbally accosted by the suspect, identified as Jason James Brunner, 30 of Chesapeake Beach.  Brunner was asked repeatedly to quiet down and stop using abusive language but he refused.  Brunner was arrested and charged with second degree assault and disorderly conduct.