GREAT MILLS, Md. – At their weekly meeting, the St. Mary’s County Board of Commissioners approved a 50-year lease on 20 acres of land near the Great Mills swimming pool as the site of a future YMCA.

The board passed the resolution by a 4-0-1 vote, with Todd Morgan[R] abstaining from the vote.

The project’s total cost is expected to be just over $22.1 million, with roughly $16.1 million coming from St. Mary’s County.

The lease will include the Great Mills pool property, however, the pool will remain under operation by the county until the other facilities are constructed.

The additional funding is expected to come from a capital fundraiser being managed by the leaseholder, YMCA of the Chesapeake. The campaign is expected to begin in early 2023, according to YMCA of the Chesapeake’s CEO, Robbie Gill.

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They also anticipate working with St. Mary’s County to obtain an additional $2 million in grant funding, a number they said is relatively anticipated.

“I still believe it should not be a taxpayer-funded project,” Morgan said. “I do think it’s quasi-disservice to our Recs and Parks staff to think that they’re not capable of doing projects such as this. But I know I’m going to be outvoted on this one.”

The architecture and engineering of the project, which will sprawl across over 42,000 square feet, are being done at a cost of roughly $1 million.

That cost is included in the county’s contribution to the project.

The finalized project will be passed in December by the incoming Board of Commissioners.

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    1. At least Tod Morgan has some sense regarding the YMCA. With all the vacant properties in Lexington park that could be redeveloped where the infrastructure is already there, it’s just ridiculous I’m very disappointed with our commissioners on this decision with my tax dollars .
      Another bad decision from our County Government /Commisioners . Who is going to be the man in the room when Tod leaves for Annapolis?
      Also rather then throwing stones at Lex Park
      Why don’t you come visit

      What bothers me the most is the lack of community consideration , empathy or imagination for Lexington Park and St Marys County. What we have now are consultants that guide , the powers that be with cookie cutter solutions . Espousing current buzz words used in other communities around the country.

      Have any of you ever spent and time walking

  1. This is not where it should have gone. I WILL NOT BE A PATRON OF THIS FACILITY!!!😡
    You chose to benefit those in a high crime area. I don’t go down there so I don’t have to risk getting shot or robbed.
    Nice going you forgot about the rest of the county and bowed to the others. I go to Calvert Cove point pool, but at least I am safer there with my grandkids

    1. So its sounds like you live in this high crime area. But you don’t feel the YMCA should be n this area. Are you kidding me .

    2. Get your wear and carry. And carry! Crime isn’t restricted to certain places, it can happen anywhere. If you’re concerned, be responsible and do something instead of complaining on the internet.

  2. Why is this nice facility getting put in an area with the highest crime rate in the county? Where everyday there are shootings and people getting robbed? There are so many other places that this facility could of benefited people and kept them safe while attending. Instead, with this location, it will be a constant worry of anyone attending, if they will be shot or robbed. Good job. SMH.

  3. Have you all considered maybe the crime rate will go down if the kids have something and somewhere to go. Several states have a YMCA. There shouuld have being a YMCA here. You people are so one sided with your comments. Think about the kids and jobs it will bring to the area.

    1. There used to be a YMCA on Great Mills Rd. It closed years ago. There are already plenty of jobs for people who want to work. Not all people want to work though it seems.

  4. Curve the crime of tomorrow by helping the kids of today. Love your community, not put it down.

      1. Funny that you say that, since all parents in St. Mary’s County also happen to be taxpayers. Who knew?

        1. What? I wish all parents were taxpayers. Most of the parents in Great Mills area, with the most kids, do not pay net taxes.

    1. First, in order for this venture to be successful, curb the crime that is occurring now. No one is going to make use of this facility with the highest crime rate in the area.

    2. First, in order for this venture to be successful, curb the crime that is occurring now. No one is going to make use of this facility location with the highest crime rate in the area.

  5. They seem to put everything that benefits the kids in the south end of the county. Have you forgotten the middle and north end of the county have kids too? People up here probably pay more taxes because of higher income yet we don’t receive the benefits of things like this. Why was it not centrally located in the county. I have teenage grand kids who would have benefited from a YMCA but not if they got to go down there. I won’t even go down that way by myself, why would I want my grand kids to?

    1. This is true they gave them a skate park a pool we can’t even get a kayak launch ramp at St mary’s lake.

  6. What a big waste of tax payer money that 99.9% of taxpayers wont use. NOBODY go’s to Great Mills road to do anything. Its the armpit of St Mary’s County. BTW…there used to be a YMCA on Great Mills Rd years ago and it was unsuccessful for those of you late County transplants and youngsters. I don’t know what that building is now because I haven’t been on Great Mills road in about 15 years and never plan too ever again. Have fun with that Mini Waldorf down there.

  7. What the hell? The county is financially forking over 72.8% of the project and it will not be owned, or operated, by the county? How is it ok to give millions away of taxpayer dollars to/for a private entity? Or to lease the land to a private organization when the county is essentially building the darn thing on its own property? Unbelievable.

    1. Well said, sir. It’s a private industry funded by public funds. This sounds so wrong. Something stinks.

  8. Another parking lot and facility for drug deals and shootings by the thugs controlling this area…just wait for it.

  9. In This Thread: White hicks who don’t understand how to curb socio-econimic problems.

    1. Local yokel why don’t you ask the drug dealers standing in the middle of great mills road what they plan on doing about their socioeconomic problems? Some people don’t change!

    2. Better yet, why don’t you take a stroll down great mills rd after dark and let us know how it works out for you

    3. Seriously. I’m a transplate from PA, I grew up in a low income, high crime area. The ymca is where I went to preschool, where I took swimming and ballet lessons. It was the foundation for me making something of myself. But apparently only children in “good areas” deserve to have opportunies.

      It’s the “armpit” of Southern maryland? Hmm, then I guess the government has a responsibility to improve it, rather than let people moulder in a perpetual ghetto. It sounds like this is being placed exactly where it’s needed most.

      1. How dare you introduce logic and reason into these discussions. You’re obvious not from here…

    4. Pfft. What exactly – and be VERY specific – are a bunch of us “white hicks” supposed to do to “curb” the activities of all the ferals in GM/LP??

  10. Really? Why there? In Great Mills? So many shootings. Why would anyone want to take the risk going there?

  11. Money that could be used towards a new Solomon’s island bridge. Or towards something for the kids in the county to do to stay off the streets and out of harms way.

  12. I, for one, can’t wait to use that facility! Shoot, I might even work there…. I really hope they put in a zero entry Olympic size heated pool and a diving well…. I would LOVE a deep diving well with platforms…. Gymnastics galore, Pilates, yoga yoga YOGA…. The kids in this area NEED this as a lot of them don’t have all the options. For all of you scared to head down this way, I’ll be thinking of you while I have fun at our NEW YMCA!

    1. Some of us already have heated pools at home but you enjoy your new facility. I hope you have a great time in that pool all the kids will be pissing in.

  13. This isn’t a good idea, I agree with Morgan on this one. A waste to the tax payers and a horrible location.

  14. This county is made of many different sectors! Why does this area always get the nicer things and other areas are left with nothing!! We are forced to go out of our own county to do nice things with our families. Way to go again SMCC leaving the northern and central part of the county out again!!!! You better be thinking about hiring more deputies you are going to need them at your new YMCA!

  15. I can’t wait to go. Thank you for all the hard work everyone put in to make this happen! The Y was a staple in my childhood and teen years, I’m excited my family will get to experience the same.

  16. This is true they gave them a skate park a pool we can’t even get a kayak launch ramp at St mary’s lake.

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