According to documents posted on the Calvert County Government web site, a committee will recommend the county increase the number of election districts from three to five.

According to a letter to the Calvert County Commissioners from the Calvert County Redistricting Committee, 50 percent of the respondents to a survey circulated this summer “indicated they would like to see more election districts. By a 64 percent favorability rating, respondents preferred that the president of the Board of County Commissioners be elected annually by the board itself.”

The letter was signed by Patt Parker “on behalf of the members of the Calvert County Redistricting Committee.”  Parker is serving as the committee’s chair.

The recommendation regarding selection of the board of county commissioners’ president represents no change in procedure.

Currently, the five county commissioners are selected from the top three vote-getters in each of the three election districts, with two “at-large” seats filled by the highest vote-getters among the rest of the candidates. All candidates are elected countywide and must meet district residency requirements.

Under the committee’s recommendation, each commissioner will be elected countywide if they are the top vote-getter in their home district. The change would go into effect in June 2014.

The committee recommends the change be codified, with legislation submitted to the Maryland General Assembly in 2012 for the purpose of redrawing the district lines. Additionally, the panel is recommending a voter education campaign be launched to explain to the public the election district change.

The committee will make its formal presentation to the Calvert County Commissioners Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 10:05 a.m.

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