Cash, Checks and Food Donations = Five Tons of Relief for Southern Maryland Food Bank.

The Charles County Commissioners would like to thank the citizens of the tri-county region for their support in fighting hunger by contributing to the recent food drives.

Safeway and Giant supermarkets provided the space, and the Charles County Commissioners and staff collected canned goods, non-perishable items and money to help the struggling Southern Maryland Food Bank (SMFB), located in Hughesville.

According to Brenda DiCarlo, Program Manager (SMFB), the need for food in Charles County alone has increased. “We’re seeing people who donated food last year, knocking at the door asking for food today,” she said.

“These are difficult times for many in our community. We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming response to our call for food donations,” said Commissioner Gary Hodge (District 4). “Our citizens are showing that we are a community that cares.”

Commissioner Sam Graves (District 1) who worked the St. Charles Safeway noted that the generosity of shoppers was great. “I met so many nice people, and if they didn’t have a food item, they were eager to give a cash donation,” added Graves.

Commissioner Edith Patterson (District 2) spent time at the Waldorf Marketplace Safeway and noted that she was, “very gratified to witness the kindness and outpouring of support from the community.”

Sarah Drennan, District Sales Representative for Kellogg-Keebler said she heard about the food drive while listening to the radio. “My husband (Richard) and I gathered up the kids and we handed out redeemable product coupons to shoppers as they entered the stores.  It was a great experience just knowing we were helping,” said Drennan.

Commissioner Reuben Collins (District 3) noted that this small gesture highlights the county’s commitment to addressing the needs of our most vulnerable residents during this very tough economic period. 

Commissioner President Wayne Cooper said additional food drives are planned until the end of March.  “Where there’s a need, we’ll be there,” added Cooper.

If you would like to volunteer at a collection site, please contact the county’s Media Relations Office at 301-645-0550.